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I Think that This is a good place to have my family introduction
Place a brief summary of the members of family also is it not ??

This is, ofcourse, u r right, "ME and BALA"
This is my good half MR. BALASUBRAMANIAN. We took this picture on OUR wedding day {4.2.1996} His birth day on: 20 th April . I think he likes this picture of us too.
MY First gods daddymummy
This is my favorite snape which was took by me on their "25 th wedding anniversory" on "07.04.1991" at TRICHY
Birthday of :
daddy 9 th september
mummy 10 th may
She is my elder sister staff nurse in madras uncle at private sector there itself small is our "pappu kutti" akka mama wedding day is Ist december
pappu dob 25.11.96 kutipappu on 21.9.99
akka on 19.2 and mama on 3.1
This is my little brother and his wife
MR.Manikandan now in private sector at madras itsele with his beloved Bhuvana and kutti "Rithi"'s dob on 12.6.2000
This is first of my in laws
Mr.Sethuraman with his family there at madras only. Both of them are my guide to life
This is my IN LAWS
This is my in law's family took on our last brother in law's marriage with my sister in law's daughter.
This is of my paternal side
This is my little parantal family took at the time of my marriage reception

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