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A perfect page for my friends to start with this is of my indian friends
All the time in my life, I care for my friends, as they are the "first gurus to everybody to know about the real world" From the nest of our family, if we go out without any of the friends it will be a tought time ever in life.Some of my friends follows:

YET to come poto of Mrs Vijayalaxmi Manoj
She is my collegue now shifted her workspart my guide make me to be polite at necessory places co carrier to my all ideas on life great people think alike is our day to day word we were like jaya-sasi both in size and thinkings 6th jan ,dob..10 th oct neha,sweety are kids
Ofcourse it is Mr.Rathinaramesh
We meet during our computer course at chennai, latter become thick family friend, eventhough both are (still)having contradictory ideologies, we go hand in hand with adjustments .dob 11 th dec. awaiting for a better half (get soon by god's grace!!)
Other KRNB group
The list includes as follows:
yet more to come
This is Mrs.Muthuselvi
SHE is my best friend (M.A. tamil) knowledgable lovable having mohan(9 th) malarvizhi(3rd) as kids my adopted childern

My legal friend Thangamma
expects soon.....
Family friend Mrs.Sheelakotti
will come soon.....
meena soon...
yet to come.....
will be soon...

Mrs Laxmi

Mrs. Laxmi

One Mrs Rohiniramesh

Mrs.Rohini Ramesh